Wondering what an agency can do for you?

Why hire an agency instead of dealing directly with the various media vendors themselves? Business owners often claim that by “going direct”, they save money in agency fees and can stretch their advertising dollars further.
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How about hiring an advertising company that can provide branding, graphic design, social media expertise, consulting, promotions and copywriter services all within one agency.

At Bayshore Marketing Group, we have taken the time to compile many of the best advertising minds in the business and leverage those relationships to provide clients quality work at a competitive price. It’s almost like having a full service marketing team on staff, but without all the cost.

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Looking for a graphic design agency with creative designers?

We have 10 award winners available to work with you to craft pixel perfect designs for any need. Our artists expertly craft digital and print media that grabs attention and portrays on-point messaging to your potential customers.

Need to buy media?

We have 4 veteran buyers with decades of experience at leveraging media buys for major companies. You are in good hands and have peace of mind working with professionals to get you the best prices and the most strategic placement.
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Need it all?

We can provide a customized, comprehensive strategic plan with initiatives that make sense for you. Our business model also typically allows us to pass much of the savings we generate directly to our clients.

We save you money and get better results!

Even companies that have used another marketing or ad agency often come to us because of our ability to better leverage their advertising campaigns. Contact us today and find out how our creative strategies bring value and results to our clients.

Case Studies of Bayshore Senior Living Specialists
How can Bayshore Marketing help you?

We will review your current marketing initiatives and create a plan to increase your revenue. Request an audit today!

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We will review your current marketing initiatives and create a plan to boost your ROI. Request an audit today!
Printed Materials and Graphic Design

Printed Materials

High quality, small runs, fast turnaround at affordable pricing.
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Expert Graphic Design

We craft beautiful and on point marketing pieces that make your business stand out.
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