Understanding your community, its needs, strengths, biggest challenges, and competitors is essential.  Some, if not all of these, may change weekly. As part of our consulting services, we identify your community’s position in the market and identify opportunities.


How We're Different

The Bayshore Marketing Team consists of current and former sales and development executives who are here to help you achieve goals you’ve never made previously or knew you could.  Through decades of experience, we’ve found most sales teams continue down the same path of mediocre success because they continue to use the same techniques they’ve always used.  They’re stuck!  

Our goal is to help you learn how to hunt and approach in a way that will develop lasting relationships that turn into revenue.  You know the old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”?  That’s where we are different.  We are the team that will make you drink.  We’re not just leading you through the process and hoping you take the next steps to success, we’re right there with you. 

In order for us to be with you through this process, we need to understand everything about you, the community you are working with, the community you live in, and your competitors.


STEP 1: Meet with Key Personnel | Community Analysis

  • First, we meet you to see if we are a fit. We need to make sure you’re open to a new type of structure and new ideas. 
  • We will discuss your job description and roles
    • How long have you been in a sales or development role?
    • How long have you been working in this community?
  • We will talk briefly about your community and what it’s assets are
  • We will talk briefly about your competitors and your perception of them
  • We will discuss what you perceive as opportunities in your locality (city, county, territory)
  • We will review your marketing collateral
  • We will review your current sales process 
  • We will walk you through our sales process
  • Answer any questions

STEP 2: We Dive In Deeper

  • Categorize your current referral sources, prioritize them, and create a plan for them.  
  • We will drill down how you and your competitors differ
  • We will define the positioning statement you have in the market (the hill you own in the market)
  • We will ask you for some reports:
    • What you have done
    • Who you are targeting or approaching currently
    • Which Referral Sources are currently in place
    • Your process
    • Your success rate
      • What are your strengths?
      • What are your weaknesses?

STEP 3: Develop a Plan

We will categorize a list of opportunities we find: 

  • Key
  • Target
  • Secondary
  • Extra

We will explain each of the category types and the significance of each.  We will review the importance of moving each of your opportunities through the sales cycle and into your sales funnel.  Understanding how to work smarter (not harder) will reduce time in your sales cycle and help you secure more referrals and new residents efficiently.

We will roleplay and go over creative ways to open the doors of opportunity with each of your prospects.  

Understanding and accepting new ways to approach opportunities can be difficult at first, that’s why we’re here.  Every step of the way! 


STEP 4: Success

We’re the accountability masters. If you’ve invested in training your sales team or even ensured they have the proper tools to succeed, you must have an accountability system in place.  That’s right, even when proper sales systems are in place, there must be a clear, consistent, and ongoing understanding of expectations in order to maintain a consistent level of performance.  We deliver strategic sales training and business growth to the senior living market and work side by side with your sales team.

  • Targeted Prospecting
  • Thorough Planning
  • Effective Presentations
  • Proper Follow-Through
  • Relationship Building
  • Increased Sales

Let the experts at Bayshore Marketing review your current strategies and see how we can improve them to drive more residents through your doors!

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